DIY Halloween Costumes, Delightful Decorations and More With This Great Guide


The weather outside is frightful….okay, maybe not just yet…..but it is getting frightful around Rochester as people begin to deck the halls for Halloween.  Whether you love Halloween or not, here’s a low stress guide to get you through!


1. Buy one because it’s a little too late to grow one. 

Your local grocery store probably has one, but if you are looking for the full, find it in a patch experience, you can check out these local places.

2.  Here’s the scoop.  

Pumpkins are scary inside so here’s some tips on how to clean them out.

a.  Seriously, who knew you were supposed to start from the bottom!!

If you are a real go getter, you can use every part of the pumpkin!

b. Or, skip the scooping and just decorate the outside.  (This method also reduces the number of carving with a knife catastrophes.)   Check out these great ideas from Real Simple Magazine!




Don’t stress.  You have options.

1.  Buy it.

a. There’s  still time to buy online and many of the outlets offer free shipping or discounts for your first order.   Decide as a group and order them together! (they do have some retail outlets)

b.   Target, Walmart, KMart, Michaels, Party City are in full Halloween Hoopla mode so grab the candy while you’re there too.

2. Make it.

a.  Martha Stewart has put on her cape to help!  Of course she has!  So if you are crafty, (you are the same people that actually carve the pumpkins) she has a great pattern that can be used with multiple costume ideas.

b.  Que en La Casa (What’s in the house?)

Be creative and make DIY Halloween Costumes with every day items.   Here are some great ideas that are also inexpensive.  Remember, you can also have fun with a pun!



C. Duct Tape     We had to give it its own category due to its many uses.  We usually might have duct tape handy to secure the passenger mirror we knocked off while backing out of the driveway, but don’t underestimate its power to morph into a Halloween costume.


Perhaps decorating the house, instead of decorating yourself, is more your style.  One of our favorites are these Glow in the Dark Ghouls.  A glow stick in a white balloon?  How could you go wrong!  Check out more of these great ideas from DIY and Crafts! 

Enjoy a trick or treat this Halloween and look for our Halloween Hoopla Listing of Events next week.  If you are looking for more information or would like to be in a new neighborhood, contact us today!

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