Happy Valentine’s Day in Penfield NY! Here’s Some Great Ideas to Celebrate!


Happy Valentine’s Day in Penfield NY!  Yes, today is the day, so if you still don’t have a gift, going digital with your present will save the day!  So will making a surprise dinner at home (that you planned all along right??)  The gift really is the time you spend together on your culinary adventure and the latest and greatest recipes to experiment with involve pizza, even for dessert!

If you’ve set off the smoke alarm one too many times in your quest for the perfect dinner than make reservations immediately!  These 5 places were featured in the Democrat and Chronicle as top picks to wine and dine your Valentine! Hurry!

In the spirit of all things Valentine, we would love to share some of the businesses we love in Penfield:

The Enchanted Rose Garden

No gift?  No worries!  It’s here somewhere and the friendly staff is ready to assist!  You are sure to find something truly unique, that you’ve probably never heard of:  man soap made of beer–why not!  Boot warmers, custom jewelry and more!

The Five Mile Cafe

What’s not to love?  Check out this Valentine Day Menu:

Valentine’s Day
Prime Rib Dinner
Sat., February 14 5pm
 2 for $50 includes:
10-12oz Prime Rib
Mashed Potatoes
Veggie D’jour
Side Salad
Homemade Italian Bread
Glass of Champagne
Now serving beer and wine!  Known for the best homemade pasta and pancakes!  Check out the Five Mile Cafe, any time of day!

Upper Crust Cakery 

Maybe some days it just makes sense to eat dessert first! Or, to say I love you with a sweet treat! Edible works of art for every occasion imaginable.  The good news is that they are still running Valentine Day specials all day today!
What businesses do you love in Penfield?  We would love to know!  We also want you to love where you live!  Contact us today and take advantage of super low mortgage rates and great down payment programs!

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